Dalan Animal Health Scores $1.9M For Honeybee Vaccine

Los Angeles-based Dalan Animal Health, which is developing vaccinations for one of the major diseases that impacts honeybees, American Foulbrood, has raised $1.9M in a seed funding round. Source of the seed funding was not announced. The company, led by CEO Annette Kleiser, says it has recently completed safety and efficacy testing on its first product and will submit a license application for the conditional approval of the vaccine this fall. American Foulbrood is a contagious disease that threatens honeybees, caused by the Paenibacillus bacteria, which kills developing brood within the hive--eventually killing the hive. The disease can be spread by beekeepers moving equipment and tools between hives. Dalan said it is expecting to raise a larger round of funding in 2022 to expand their commercial offering and further advance a pipeline of novel vaccines for other new production animals.