Illumina Accelerator Backs Seven Startups

San Diego-based life sciences giant Illumina says it has made investments in seven startups, as part of its accelerator program, the Illumina Accelerator. The company said that the investments were made as part of two different programs, the Illumina Accelerator Cambridge, UK, and the Illumina Accelerator San Francisco Bay Area. Illumina’s startup efforts are led by Amanda Cashin, PhD, co-founder and Global Head of Illumina For Startups. Companies which received funding were BIXBIO LIMITED (genomics in South Africa); EpiCombi.AI Limited (AI technology focused on cancer); Genegoggle Sp. z o.o. (biotech in Poland); NewStem Ltd. (cancer therapeutics and diagnostics in Israel); ImYoo (single-cell transcriptomics company from Caltech); Solena Ag (agricultural biotech company from Mexico); and Yali Biosciences (synthetic biology for creating climate-smart, sustainable foods.)