Introducing dot.LA’s Interchange.LA Jobs Platform

We live in a golden age for Los Angeles tech companies and startups.

Transformative organizations are emerging and blossoming here. And there's a world-class talent pool in their backyard. From ecommerce to biotech to social media to aerospace and beyond, the future is being built in L.A.

Since our launch in January 2020, our goal at dot.LA has been to empower the L.A. startup ecosystem - by shining a light on great companies through our journalism, convening luminaries at our events (register for the upcoming dot.LA Summit here!) and hosting discussions via our pandemic-born online community wfh.LA.

An ecosystem as unique as ours deserves a dedicated, boutique platform to connect top talent with top startups. Matchmaking people to great companies isn't easy on overly broad platforms like Linkedin that's more akin to a traffic clogged freeway, where the sheer volume makes it tough for top candidates to stand out amid congestion. Our site is tailored to L.A. and its unique ecosystem that boasts some of the top, most diverse technical talent in the country.

We're here to change that; dot.LA is proud to introduce a solution to this gridlock: Interchange.LA.

With the re-launch of Interchange.LA, we are taking over stewardship of a project that has been a long time coming. The original incarnation of Interchange.LA was borne of a desire from stalwarts of the L.A. tech scene - Crosscut Ventures, AnnenbergTech, the Mayor's Office - to help fuel the community's growth. We are beyond thankful for the hard work put in by these organizations and others to help get this platform where it is today, and are excited to take it to the next level.

So what makes Interchange.LA unique?

LA DNA. In the year and a half since launch, dot.LA has established itself as the premier source for news and community for the Los Angeles tech ecosystem. Our journalists tell important stories that move the needle. Our events bring together the community and foster connection. We have boots on the ground in a way that no other recruiting platform does, and we'll use that to hone the product to be as useful as possible.

Equity focus. We also believe that Los Angeles has the potential to become the most inclusive and equitable startup hub in the country and in the world. Because L.A. is blossoming as an innovation hub later than first-generation locales like the Bay Area, we have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of those places. Rather than a tech and startup community that exists insulated from the rest of the city, we want to promote the growth throughout the city in a way that benefits everyone.

Universal access. Our goal is to lower barriers to entry for tech on all sides, and creating an accessible platform for all is crucial to that mission. Our platform is free to candidates and will always offer a free option for companies.

Bespoke recruiting. For those high-growth companies that need top talent to keep fueling the rocketship, we are thrilled to be able to offer a white-glove option through which our team can build and execute tailored recruiting. If you're responsible for recruiting at a hot startup in L.A., please do yourself a favor and reach out to Interchange.LA's General Manager Sharmineh Lewis at sharmineh@dot.LA.

Interchange.LA is the premier avenue for connecting top talent with top startups in LA. It is an on-ramp for non-traditional candidates to join the vibrant L.A. startup community. It is an engine to help LA become the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive hub for innovation in the world.

It's the best time in the world to found or join a world-changing organization. At dot.LA we want to help you do it all.