LiveXLive Plans Rebranding, Spinout

Los Angeles-based LiveXLive Media, which operates both an online livestreaming and pay-per-view business, says it is going through a major rebranding, and plans to spin out its pay-per-view business as a separate company. According to LiveXLive, it plans to change its name to LiveOne, and will spin out its PPV business as a public company called PPVOne. The company–which owns such services as PodcastOne, Slacker Radio and React Presents–says the name change will also include a change to a number of its separate services to include the “One” label, i.e. Slacker will become “SlackerOne”. The company–which has undergone a significant shift towards online services since the beginning of the pandemic–said it also expects to change its NASDAQ stock symbol to LVO in coming weeks.