School Links With Belkin On Combined High School, College Effort

Is the future of learning at your local corporate campus? In the case of a new, emerging private high school in Los Angeles, it might be. Portal Schools and consumer electronics giant Belkin International said on Monday that the two are partnering to launch an on-campus, combined high school and college degree at Belkin International's office headquarters in Los Angeles, starting in August. Portal Schools says it provides career-immersed education and where students earn high school and college degrees simultaneously. Belkin said that students at Portal Schools will be embedded in the Belkin campus, and will gain access to internships and on-site mentoring with Belkin teams in various divisions including engineering, industrial design, creative design, product management, marketing, communications, sales, and more. The two are launching with a ninth grade class. Portal says it is planning to open up seven additional sites in Los Angeles at corporate campuses over the next five years.