Slingshot Aerospace Rolls Out Satellite Collision Avoidance Effort

El Segundo, California- and Austin, Texas-based Slingshot Aerospace says it is rolling out a new collision avoidance and communications platform for space, which it says will help spacecraft owners and operators communicate and collaborate. According to the company, its new product, Slingshot Beacon, will be piloted by OneWeb, Spire Global Inc., Orbit Fab, and others, which aaccount for 53 percent of the satellite constellations in low earth orbit (LEO). The company said the new platform will be used to resolve on-orbit conjunctions, notify others about planned maneuvers, and more. Slingshot Aerospace says that the industry is seeking to put more than 115,000 satellites into space by 2030, increasing the risk of collisions. Melanie Stricklan is Co-founder & CEO of Slingshot Aerospace.