Yardi Donates $1.3M To Hospitals In India

According to Santa Barbara-based Yardi, it is donating $1.3M to hospitals in India, to help them in their battle against the ongoing pandemic. India–which officially has more than 380,000 deaths from COVID-19, with actual deaths potentially several times that–has suffered acute supply shortages in recent months as cases surged in the country. According to Yardi, it has 1700 employees in Pune, India, with many staff personally impacted by the COVID-19 surge in that country. Yardi said its India division, Yardi Software India Private Limited (YSIPL), is working with support organizations and hospitals to identify 10 hospitals in need of financial assistance to address the current virus surge and prepare for future outbreaks. Funding will go towards medical equipment such as ventilators, ICU equipment, compressors, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP machines, as well as help to set up hospital oxygen plants for future use. The company is also supporting Santa Barbara-based Direct Relief International, the global medical aid nonprofit. Yardi develops property management software.